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Business Bankruptcy

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The Law Office of Patrick D. Devine represents debtors and creditors in bankruptcy and debtor/creditor matters. If you need assistance in filing for bankruptcy, learning about bankruptcy alternatives, or collecting from a debtor who is filing for bankruptcy, we can help. The founder of our firm, attorney Patrick D. Devine, has the ability to handle all of your debtor/creditor issues. Mr. Devine has 20 years of legal experience and is Board Certified in Business Bankruptcy and Consumer Bankruptcy by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization.

Representation for Businesses Considering Bankruptcy

If your business is drowning in debt, filing for a Chapter 11 business bankruptcy may be the answer. Bankruptcy can have lasting effects, however, so it is critical to speak with an attorney who can provide useful information about the advantages and disadvantages of a Chapter 11 bankruptcy. It is also critical to find legal advice you can trust. Our firm provides a variety of bankruptcy and non-bankruptcy alternatives to businesses facing overwhelming debt. People contacting our office about a Chapter 11 business bankruptcy can be confident that we will not oversell the advantages of a business bankruptcy or downplay the disadvantages of a business bankruptcy. Some of the bankruptcy and non-bankruptcy matters we handle at our office include: •Chapter 11 bankruptcy •Reorganizations •Out of court workouts •Bankruptcy sale •Lien and tax issues •Dissolution •Chapter 7 bankruptcy •Preferential transfers •Fraudulent conveyances To see if Chapter 11 business bankruptcy or an alternative is right for you, contact our Houston office.

Representation for Creditors: Creditor Rights

If you are a creditor seeking to collect a debt, there are special precautions you should take if a debtor may file for bankruptcy. If a debtor files bankruptcy and does not have sufficient assets to pay all creditors, it is critical to act quickly to preserve your rights. Perfecting liens may be a critical first step to protecting your creditor rights in the event of a bankruptcy filing. A lien makes a creditor a secured creditor, which increases the chances of receiving payment. Sellers of goods may have additional remedies available, but action must be taken promptly. Our firm attempts to maximize a creditor's ability to collect on a claim. We have significant experience in helping businesses with the collection of debts and have represented clients in a diverse range of fields, including oil and gas, real estate, landlords and construction companies.

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