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Bankruptcy in Houston, TX

Deciding to file for bankruptcy is a big step. Careful consideration should go into the process including speaking to a knowledgeable professional about your options. At Devine Law Firm, we want to know what your goals are and can help determine if a bankruptcy filing can help you meet them. Countless individuals are faced with the reality of serious financial debt and may be unsure how to begin tackling the problem. Our team is well versed in bankruptcy law and has assisted many clients to resolve their debts and achieve financial freedom.

Bankruptcy and Debt Relief

A member from our firm can help answer the many questions you may have about bankruptcy including why to choose Devine Law Firm, if you quality and why it is important to hire a lawyer. Our desire is to assist you in dishcharging your debts and moving forward with your life. For many people their debts are holding them back. You may be weighed down by a mortgage, student loans or credit card bills and are unsure how you will be able to ever pay them all off.

While some may have a negative view on bankruptcy, there are actually countless benefits that it can provide. Our attorney can help guide you through the bankruptcy process including determining any bankruptcy exemptions or whether you should file under Chapter 7 or Chapter 13.In addition we can inform you of the alternatives that exist, since some may be able to handle their debts without filing. If you are dealing with the harsh reality of a foreclosure, bankruptcy may be an option that can alleviate the process. In some instances it may even be possible to avoid the foreclosure all together.

Call our firm when you need assistance in asset protection, tax debt, wage garnishment, automatic stay and more. There are a number of types of debt that can be eliminated in the bankruptcy process that we would like to discuss with you. Depending on your needs the different options may allow you to keep certain assets. Speak to our firm about recent reforms, an accurate timeline, the psychology of debt and the warning signs. We are also able to help stop creditors that may be constantly harassing you about the owed expenses.

Need help filing? Speak to a houston bankruptcy lawyer!

Our firm possesses a high level of legal capability that has allowed us to aid our clients time and again. We are devoted to exploring all avenues and seeking a way out when you feel there is nothing left that you can do. Not only do we want to help you file a bankruptcy claim or an alternative, we want to assist you to do it as efficiently as possible. We cannot stress the importance of ensuring your claim is properly handled and failing to do so can cost you greatly. When you are already in a tight spot you cannot afford any mistakes.

Our firm consists of a team with over 40 years of combined legal experience with a strong background in bankruptcy law and a reputation for success. Our team even walks clients through what life after bankruptcy will entail so that they can learn steps to avoid additional problems in the future. Schedule a free consultation with our firm to find more about the ways that we can help you reach freedom from your debt.

If you are considering filing for bankruptcy or are interested in an alternative, contact a houston bankruptcy lawyer from the firm to learn more.

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